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Eslint Base Config

WILD Eslint configuration for Javascript based projects - .js.


To use it in your project, you need to install the peerDependencies of this package. We recommend to use install-peerdeps

If you're using npm >=7

peerDependencies should be installed by default

If you're using npm >=5

npx install-peerdeps @madebywild/eslint-config-base --dev

If you're using npm <5

npm install -g install-peerdeps && install-peerdeps @madebywild/eslint-config-base --dev

Then add this to a .eslintrc file:

"extends": "@madebywild/eslint-config-base"


module.exports = {
parser: "@babel/eslint-parser",
extends: ["plugin:prettier/recommended"],
plugins: ["prettier", "import"],
env: {
browser: true,
commonjs: true,
es6: true,
jest: true,
node: true,
parserOptions: {
requireConfigFile: false,
sourceType: "module",
ecmaVersion: 2020,
rules: {
"no-undef": "error",
"no-var": "error",
"prefer-const": "error",
"no-console": ["warn", { allow: ["warn", "error"] }],
"import/no-default-export": "warn",
"import/order": [
groups: [
pathGroups: [
pattern: "~/**",
group: "internal",
pattern: "/**",
group: "internal",
position: "before",